My philosophy

I am all about nutrition and training methods that work WITH your lifestyle, not against it. I will help you get the results you want, without having to sacrifice the things you love.

My science-based, sustainable methods have helped over 1,000 men & women transform their bodies, mindsets, relationships with food and ultimately, their lives.

My strong emphasis on education empowers my clients to form a deeper understanding about their nutrition and training, which allows them to maintain their results long term.

Joe Wachs

Joe Wachs, aka THE GREAT WHITE, is a qualified trainer, physique specialist and online coach. Joe started his own personal fitness journey over 9 years ago after he was sick and tired of being a scrawny hockey player that needed confidence again. The health benefits Joe received through training and optimizing his nutrition ignited his passion in the industry as a bodybuilder and has been a reputable trainer for over 5 years now.

His main goal is to initiate positive change in the lives of others through all aspects of health, fitness and wellness through evidence-based nutrition and training methods. Joe is all about empowering his clients through education when it comes to healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes, which allows them to achieve the results they want while improving their relationship with food and exercise. Another focus for Joe is helping men & women improve their overall body image and self-confidence to become the best versions of themselves on a daily basis.


Ready to start working towards your health & fitness goals? Let’s do it together as a team.

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